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Deposit of cultures Supply of cultures Identification

Deposit of cultures

The NCCPF deposits cultures which are useful for clinical and scientific research. Deposits can be made in any of the following three categories.

1. General Deposits: All precious pathogenic fungal cultures can be deposited in the NCCPF. All researchers should contact the incharge before dispatching their cultures. They are required to submit the Identification/Accession form for each culture giving relevant details. 

2. Safe Deposits: These cultures are handled with full confidentiality. Only the depositor has access to these cultures. 

Supply of Cultures

Requests for the supply of cultures should be addressed to the Incharge. At the time of request please indicate the NCCPF number, genus and species. As new cultures are being added to the collection regularly here may be a possibility that the culture of your interest is not listed in the catalogue. In that case please enquire about its availability at our centre. 

Terms and Conditions of Supply :
• The NCCPF supplies cultures for research and teaching purposes only and with its own accession numbers.
• All cultures should be handled carefully taking proper and established safety precautions.
• The NCCPF is not responsible for any misuse or improper handling of its cultures.
• Purity and viability of cultures are carefully examined by the NCCPF staff. However, if there are any complaints about the supplied cultures, please contact the Incharge.

Identification of Unknown Cultures

It is strongly advised to contact the incharge before dispatching cultures for identification. Unless indicated otherwise by the customer, a culture received for identification may be kept in the collection if it is found to be of importance to the NCCPF. The Identification/Accession request form should be filled for each isolate and sent along with the culture. Please make sure to send only pure and sporulating cultures.